We offer full servicing for almost all your bicycle needs.
Most repairs are same day. Here are our services:

Flat Fix
$15 and up
New inner tube installation. Price varies based on tube.

Full Tune Up
brake and gear adjustments, wheel truing, cable replacement (if necessary), lubrication, minor cleanup, crank tightening, and miscellaneous adjustments

Full Tune Up with Ultrasonic Cleaning
All the work listed in the full tune up above plus cleaning of the entire drive train with an ultrasonic cleaner

Adjustment Tune Up
brake and gear adjustments, lubrication and miscellaneous adjustments/tightening

Brake Adjustment
brake caliper/lever adjustment

Gear Adjustment
shifter/derailleur adjustment

Wheel True
$15/Per Wheel
wheel straightening and spoke retensioning (spoke replacement is extra)

Hydraulic Disc Brake Bleed
$30/Per Wheel
re-calibrating hydraulic disc brake systems

Bike Assembly
$50 (for most bikes) and up (ask for road or specialty bikes)
professional bicycle assembly (price varies on specialty bikes)

Flat Labor Rate
$60 per hour